Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury? Here's who should play the other members of Queen.

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Last week, Deadline reported that Sacha Baron Cohen, of Borat and Ali G fame, is lined up to play Freddie Mercury in an untitled biopic. Although the majority of his work has been in parody, Baron Cohen is a nearly perfect fit, and we don't doubt his intentions for a moment. Even so, a biopic can't be made with just one person; the bandmembers and other key players in Mercury's life are equally important. See our suggestions for who else should be cast in the movie after the jump.


Brian May - Josh Groban
There aren't a lot of movie stars out there who could sport Brian May's big-ass hairdo. We haven't a clue if Josh Groban can act to save his life, but he's got the look -- and the money, if he wants to take acting lessons.


Roger Taylor - Giovanni Ribisi
Truth be told, we'd actually tap Martin Sheen to play Roger Taylor if we had some magical time-travel device, but since we don't, Giovanni Ribisi seems like the next best option. A little hair dye and he's all set.


John Deacon - Sean Penn
It's not a perfect fit, but Sean Penn is versatile enough to be able to handle it. Queen's most quiet member and resident master of finances being portrayed by Penn seems like a great blend.


Jim Hutton - Daniel Day Lewis
Simply put, Daniel Day Lewis has a kickass moustache. It's not as awesome as that of longtime Mercury partner Jim Hutton, but still -- look at that moustache. When it comes to this role, you need an actor who's willing to really get into the part, and Daniel Day Lewis seems perfect.


Elton John - Robert Downey Jr.
When it comes to playing Freddie Mercury's buddy Elton John, it's not about the look so much as the attitude. Elton John's always covered in flair, so tapping someone who looks nothing like him is just fine. Robert Downey Jr. has played a billionaire eccentric before, so we don't see why he couldn't do it here.

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