3 the Hardway changes name and joins Kamikazi Airlines roster

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Prime Element. That's the new name of the trio formerly known as 3 the Hardway. But that's not the biggest news coming out of that camp today. After years of hard work, the threesome, made up of A.V.I.U.S., Cysko Rokwel and Es Nine, has linked up with Kamikazi Airlines, an imprint owned by Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling that's also home to Mr. J. Medeiros. We caught up with A.V.I.U.S. and discussed the details surrounding the act's positive new development.


MP3: "Carry It Home" feat Rhias

So, after a few years of building name recognition, and a hit album, you are no longer 3 the Hardway, and are now known as Prime Element, how did you pick that name?

A.V.I.U.S.: We wanted a name that fit the group's style of music. After the label and us came to the agreement we needed to change the name, we sat down for a full week discussing name options and ideas. We wanted a name that sounded vintage, a name that really meant something. So with that, we chose Prime, meaning: to be first, to gear up or mature. And Element, meaning: being a member of something, a section, a division or culture. And we came with Prime Element; we all agreed and we ran with it.

So share the big news, why did you have to change your name?

We hooked up with a cat name Andrew Lindsley in Steamboat Springs about six months ago, he was the talent buyer/promoter at a venue we performed at, and he liked the music and stage show. He asked if he could manage us. He had never managed anyone, but his work ethic alone leading to this agreement was more than a reason to try.

He has been pushing our album Set in Stone all over the Country to different labels, blogs and people of interest and landed us a record deal/international distribution deal with Kamikazi Airlines, which is owned by Dizzy Dustin of the legendary group Ugly Duckling.

Why did you have to change the name to sign this deal?

There was a group from New Zealand name 3 The Hardway. They were signed to a branch of Sony Records. It was a total shock and bummer to us when we found this out.

What does this deal mean for you guys?

It means a new beginning, a fresh start on top of the hard work we have already put in. They are re-pressing Set in Stone and lining up some overseas tours. They are reaching places in the world we couldn't have accomplished on our own.

So, what aspects of the business, specifically, will Kamikazi be handling for you?

They will be handling the promotion and marketing along with handling the financial side of things. They will be pressing all or our albums, shirts and various types of merch. They will also be putting together tours we can be a part of, and they will also be searching for placements for our music such as movies, video games, etc.

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