Bonded by blood: The DNA-infused antics of Wayne Coyne and other notable bloodlettings

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A couple of days ago, Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne posted a video of himself screen-printing a poster using his own blood. While the notion of Coyne doing anything weird at this point is hardly surprising, the clip got us to thinking about other artists that have likewise injected themselves into their work.


Blood from Kiss members used to print their first comic book
Like Coyne, the boys from Kiss wanted to make sure their donation of blood to their art was well documented. However, YouTube didn't exist when the Kiss comic book came out, so they had to get a notary public to come down and witness the drawing of blood from the band members. Sure enough, it was used in the Marvel comic.


Slipknot's Joey Jordinson sells drumsticks signed with his own blood
When we think of the most super-hardcore bands in the world, Slipknot is not one of them. Either way, the dudes stepped up to the task of being more metal than everyone else when the drummer decided to donate his own blood to his signature series of drumsticks.


Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel drinks his own blood
To prove he was a real-life (cannibalistic) vampire, Trey Azagthoth would often bite himself and drink his own blood on stage. If that's not metal as hell, we don't know what is. Although, we always thought vampires couldn't drink their own blood because, well, that just doesn't make any sense.

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