Gogol Bordello at the Boulder Theater, 10/27/10

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Jon Solomon

Forro in the Dark
10.27.10 | Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO

In some regards, a Gogol Bordello show is kind of like sex: It's a sweaty and exhausting experience, one that you can't really fully comprehend until you're balls-deep in it. Sure, you can sneak peeks at your dad's Playboy, get tips from your older brother or watch Internet porn, but you don't really know what the hell sex is all about, until, well, you just get in and start making noises like your boots are stuck in mud.

It's kind of the same thing with Gogol Bordello. You can listen to the band's albums, watch videos, see photos or read about the gypsy punks, but none of it can really compare to the act's highly charged, vigorous shows. But don't expect a whole lot of foreplay with these guys (and gal): Once they mount, you're in for one hell of rambunctious romp, which was the case Wednesday night, the first of a two-night stand at the Boulder Theater.

Jon Solomon

For nearly two hours, the wiry, whirring ball of energy known as Eugene Hutz, the outfit's frontman, and his bandmates relentlessly blasted through song after song, hardly ever slowing down. Meanwhile, the packed crowd at the Boulder Theater ate up everything the band tossed at them. With nearly every tune -- from the show's opener, the gypsy reggae of "Tribal Connection," all the way through "Alcohol," the last encore -- Gogol Bordello stirred up a frenzied mosh pit near the front of the stage with fists pumping, bodies bouncing and sweat flying around.

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