Gorillaz at Wells Fargo, 10/24/10

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Jon Solomon
Damon Albarn of Gorillaz

With N.E.R.D.
10.24.10 | Wells Fargo Theatre

In what will probably now become a legendary appearance at Wells Fargo Theatre last night, Gorillaz brought out a Colorado crowd in its truest form -- Dads, ravers, white people with dreads, babies, bros, men in lobster costumes, girls donning wigs of every color, and, of course, dozens of people in captain's hats -- who all crashed hips and shot fists in the air as the real life and cartoon worlds of Gorillaz collided.

King Tubby came seeping through the sound system between N.E.R.D and Gorillaz' set, mellowing the mood before Snoop Dogg made a pre-recorded cameo from two giant screens hanging above the stage. Puffing out his chest in captain's garb for "Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach," Snoop Dogg's virtual lines were complimented live by Chicago's Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, twisting horns from side-to-side as they stomped across the stage. The lights came up an orchestra/band had filled every inch, dozens of musicians strategically placed in front of tall, light box letters spelling out "Gorillaz" in colors that would rotate through the rainbow within the course of the evening.

Jon Solomon
Mick Jones of the Clash

Then the great white belt hold-out, maestro Damon Albarn, appeared for "Last Living Souls," looking regal in a striped shirt and simple leather jacket. Flanked by legends Paul Siminon and Mick Jones in sailor costumes, Albarn immediately relished in the crowd's fevered adoration, waving and jumping about before being joined by Roses Gabor for the syrupy slow "19-2000." From the start, the show was a massive sensory overload, the audience often having to choose between watching the cartoons speed through ocean and desert and watching the dozens of real-life players entertaining front and center.

Jon Solomon
Paul Simonon of the Clash

Bobby Womack was introduced for "Stylo" bringing the only complaint about the show to the surface -- a vocal mix that was a little off for most of the night, Womack and Albarn suffering the most from the drown out. But regardless, Womack's performance was admirable, playing off a cameo by Bruce Willis on screen. A wad of glow sticks flew out of the crowd as Albarn once again took center stage for "Melancholy Hill," priming for a blast of "Superfast Jellyfish" with De La Soul joining the massive party.

Jon Solomon
Bobby Womack

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