Introducing Split Decision: Tale of the tape

Categories: Commentary

Cassettes, in case you haven't noticed, are once again becoming viable. The number of tape-only imprints that seem to keep cropping up have not only made for decent blogger bait (see our recent Deathbomb Arc item or the recent NPR blog post focusing on Ft. Collins Patient Sounds), but it's served as a somewhat polarizing conversational topic.

Some of us see the rebirth of cassettes as a detestable, quantum leap backward on par with, say, suddenly embracing pager technology in the era of smartphones. Others among us, meanwhile, contend that it's just as viable a prospect today as it was during the Reagan administration. This exact discussion inspired our latest feature, Split Decision. One subject. Two people. Two differing opinions.

In this inaugural installment, Bree Davies, who helps run the cassette-centric Teen Pass Out imprint, offers up a convincing defense of tapes, while Matt Miner, well, begs to differ. Oddly, both reference Nevermind while making their case.

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