Interpol at the Ogden Theatre, 10/25/2010

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Jon Solomon

With White Rabbits
10.25.10 | Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO

Colorado went from summer to winter in one momentary movement yesterday (complete with a rainbow early in the day), and, as usual, that season other states call "fall" was skipped altogether. Interpol's show at the Ogden Theatre couldn't have been a more perfect way to usher in the next manic season -- whipping winds and icy temperatures setting the tone for a devastatingly perfect performance by the quintet.

NYC-by-way-of-Missouri six-piece White Rabbits opened, initiating the show with a dark, energetic intensity. Co-frontmen guitarist Gregory Roberts and pianist Stephen Patterson both pushed hard on their vocals, mouths twisting in unison through songs like "Rudie Fails" and "They Done Wrong, We Done Wrong" while noisy patterns of sound produced from a pile of pedals at Roberts's feet filled the air with a vague chatter and the band's dual drummers pounded alongside each other, heads shaking in concert.

Jon Solomon
White Rabbits

The charming sounds of Patterson's rabid piano butted up nicely against the fullness of the band's electricity, especially on songs like "The Plot," which highlighted the lilting harmonies of the two vocalists. Although White Rabbits' performance was in no way lacking energy, it was hard to tell if their mood was one of detachment or intensity; at times the band felt like it was working more than playing. Regardless, White Rabbits were an excellent introduction to Interpol's frigid performance -- which would come roughly thirty minutes after the Rabbits cleared their own gear from the stage.

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