Re: Definition Night One: MiMosa and Two Fresh bass-bomb Cervantes' - 10/08/10

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All photos by Hunter Stevens
Cervantes' crowd last night.

MiMosa • Two Fresh • Brothers Past • Raw Russ, Sacred Science
10.08.10 | Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom

Last night Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom hosted a night of dub-stepping, electronic, jam band and drum and bass-infused mayhem with headliners MiMosa and Two Fresh selling out the newly renovated venue. MiMosa and friends Raw Russ, Brothers Past, Two Fresh and Sacred Science flooded ear drums with massive bass drops, some (which no matter how much is always too much) drum and bass, a little synthesized jam-band and a whole lot of dub steppin'.

Openers don't always play to a packed house, but Raw Russ took his role seriously. Despite a crowd of about fifty, Russ scribbled and scratched his way through some old Dre beats among other throwback West Coast cuts. The crowd at Cervantes' didn't mind, nor did the free-love tweenies sitting on the stage in their neon spandex with their glow stick bracelets swaying deftly to Raw Russ' mash-ups. People were piling in during his set, only to pile right back out upon realizing MiMosa wouldn't be flippin' switches until 1:15 a.m., according to the schedule.

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Long day.
Waiting three hours for the headliner to take the stage is a long time, long enough to get tired of smearing glitter off your arms, long enough to have a few beers and still be good to drive home after the show, and just about long enough to get to the point where you ask yourself: "Is it really worth it to stay out until 4 a.m. just to hear some distorted bass vibrate my eyeballs?" The answer for many last night was yes, if not because of MiMosa than most certainly because of the Southern comforts themselves, Two Fresh, the outfit that followed Brothers Past, a band that started off relatively slow with super spaced out "Getaway Somehow" but gradually picked up as they rolled into "One Rabbit Race," a real run-in-place type of song that repeats the title nearly a dozen times before ending abruptly.

The bassist stood center stage, and despite being able to play the bass really well, he danced like the pastiest Saltine cracker this side of the Mississippi, which was visually displeasing and didn't really go along with the music too well. The whole "each song is a journey" doesn't fly when you're standing in a sweat lodge like Cervantes, where it seems everyone is simply trying to get into the music, but just can't. Brothers Past tried very hard and sounded good, but the energy and vocals just weren't quite there.

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