Nathaniel Rateliff, Gregory Alan Isakov, Danielle Ate the Sandwich at the Gothic Theatre, 10/8/10

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A.H. Goldstein
Nathaniel Rateliff last night at the Gothic Theatre.
Gregory Alan Isakov • Danielle Ate the Sandwich
10.08.10 | Gothic Theatre

The capacity crowd that filled the Gothic Theatre to busting on Friday night had no problem staying calm for three hours, for the co-headlining show of Nathaniel Rateliff and Gregory Alan Isakov. The audience remained rapt for the entire show, despite the fact there was little room to move anywhere on the floor, in aisles or on the balcony.

Their attentiveness had everything to do with quality and intensity of the music coming from the stage. At times, Friday's showcase of native talent had the feel of a chamber concert. Some chattered while Danielle Ate the Sandwich played, some couples slow danced as Gregory Alan Isakov performed and scattered fans hollered during the quieter moments of Nathaniel Rateliff's set.

For the most part, however, all three acts commanded the collective attention of the crowd. Indeed, the atmosphere seemed reverential; the audience offered their homegrown musical heavyweights their full respect and unfiltered attention.

A.H. Goldstein
Danielle Anderson of Danielle ate the Sandwich last night at the Gothic Theatre.
That being said, it took a few songs for Danielle Ate the Sandwich to win the full attention of the audience. Danielle Anderson showed her consummate skill at flipping between earnestness and playfulness, offering heartfelt vocals and ukulele lines right before breaking into poop jokes between tunes. As the floor and the balcony filled up with people, Anderson had to struggle to win over the growing crowd during renditions of "Silver and Gold" and "The First Taste," songs with slow cadences and understated feels.

A.H. Goldstein
Danielle ate the Sandwich last night at the Gothic Theatre.
With the help of bassist Dennis Bigelow on stand-up bass and Chris Jusell on the violin, Anderson won the crowd's full attention through sheer persistence. She drew on her big guns, pulling out her cover of TLC's "Waterfalls" before jumping into the jaunty tune "El Paso," high energy numbers that seemed to stop the chatter.

A.H. Goldstein
Isakov last night at the Gothic Theatre.
By the time Gregory Alan Isakov took the stage, the crowd had packed close to the stage, they'd filled the wings and crowded the balcony. A projected black-and-white image of a man facing an over-sized cone came up onstage just before Isakov and his quintet emerged from backstage.

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