Sleigh Bells at the Larimer Lounge, 10/23/10

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Kyle Smith
Sleigh Bells: Derek Miller (from left) and Alexis Krauss

Pictureplane • Sundelles
10.23.10 | Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO

Read interview with Derek Miller of Sleigh Bells

Brooklyn newcomers Sundelles opened the show with a sort of surfy garage rock, sounding kind of like the Pixies with all of the idiosyncrasies ironed out. It was pleasant enough, but the few songs I caught, at least, didn't make much of an impression.

Kyle Smith

Travis Egedy's extensive time on the road over the past year may have kept him from writing much new material, but it has certainly helped him develop some delightful stage patter. A few choice nuggets from his Pictureplane set:

"This song is about post-human sexuality. I'm from Denver -- I live right down the street."

"This is a song about outer space."

"This song is about interstellar teenage vampires. Any teenage vampires in the house?"

"These are the original goth jocks right here. We've got mesh shirts. We don't give a fuck."

"This is another song about outer space."

Kyle Smith
Travis Egedy is Pictureplane

Egedy stuck mostly to Dark Rift material, which hasn't lost its ability to start a party, which is exactly what he does best. Even without the hometown connection, he made perfect sense as an opener for the similarly H.W. Bush-era-indebted Sleigh Bells; Pictureplane is the bit-reduced, hallucinatory Madonna to Sleigh Bells's winking, sample-heavy Guns N' Roses. Props to Egedy for landing a spot on tour with one of the biggest buzz bands of the year.

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