The Yard Dogs Road Show at the Ogden Theatre, 10/8/10

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Jon Solomon
With Devil Makes Three
10.08.10 | Ogden Theatre

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Outside of the Ogden last night, there were a few punks sporting foot-high Mohawks and wearing studded leather jackets standing next to hippies and guys wearing in vintage suits and a gal in fur lined jacket. And that was only a taste of what was inside. It might have been one of the most insanely eclectic groups of people to have ever gathered in the Ogden Theatre, or any other local venue for that matter.

It's a testament of just how far the Yard Dogs Road Show's fan base spreads, but it's not entirely surprising since the Yard Dogs themselves are a pretty damn eclectic group of folks as well. And there was so much going on, both visually and musically, during the troupe's hour-and-a-half set that a lot of it's a blur and probably one of the bigger mindfucks since Of Montreal played the Ogden two years ago on its Skeletal Lamping tour.

Jon Solomon

Combing vaudeville, burlesque, dancing girls, sword swallowing, magic, music and a whole lot more, the Yard Dogs create a sort of multi-colored experience on par with mushroom high that still sticks around a long time after the show. Hell, I still get flashbacks from the Yard Dog's sold-out Bluebird show two years ago.

A few songs into the Yard Dogs set, its last show of the tour, accordionist Sansa Asylum sang "Swept Across the Sea," which recalled Rain Dogs-era Tom Waits, as did a few other songs the group played over the evening. At times energetic horn-heavy hobo rock backed up whatever performer took the spotlight. Other times, the band slowed things down a bit, like on "Bokonon" or "All the Beautiful Ladies," both sung wonderfully by Sheah.

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