Top ten most blatant and alleged song heists

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6. Killing Joke vs. Nirvana

This one's a pretty classic example of point-blank plagiarism for anyone under the age of fifty. That said, it's still worthy of another listen, just because "Come As You Are" so blatant lifts "Eighties" by Killing Joke. We're well aware songs can sound similar without being derivative and Nirvana took this in its own direction, but still -- just listen to that now iconic guitar line in its original, faster version.

5. Tommy Tutone vs. Bruce Springsteen

We're not going to lie and say we didn't chuckle a little when we first heard "Radio Nowhere." Of all the songs in the universe for Bruce Springsteen to accidentally emulate, "867-5309 Jenny" would have never been one of our guesses. Nobody really cared about this one -- but we're guessing The Boss got a little red in the face when he noticed what he'd done.

4. Chiffons vs. George Harrison

Will you look at that: Rock master and former Beatle gets sued for the proximity of "My Sweet Lord" to "He So Fine" by the Chiffons -- and actually loses. We suppose this was just a sign of the times or something, because most of these other cases ended in out-of-court settlements the public couldn't be privy to.

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If anything was ripped off by Nirvana's "Come as You Are", it would have to be the Smithereens' "Blood and Roses". According to Cobain, he was actually listening to the Smithereens during breaks in the recording of the Nevermind album.

Jenn Van Vorst
Jenn Van Vorst

Wire vs. Elastica.....definitely should be on the list.

Todd Divel
Todd Divel

If you are interested in copyright law and what an awful manager can do, read up on the Harrison/Chiffon case. Ugly business stuff.

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