3OH!3 at the 1STBANK Center, 11/26/10

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Photo: Aaron Thackeray
3OH!3 last night at the 1STBANK Center.

KTCL's Not So Silent Night with 3OH!3
Innerparty System | Oh My Stars | The Epilogues
11.26.10 | 1STBANK Center
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Watching 3OH!3's rise over the last few years has been an interesting one, and the best gauge of the duo's hometown success has been the venue capacities of each year's shows. From the Fox Theatre to the Ogden to last night's show at the 1STBANK Center, Boulder, Denver and every suburb between has come out to welcome Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte back to the home state that made their hand sign famous.

Although the 1STBANK Center was only about half-full, the crowd was stoked to be there, and so was the band, whose live act is one crucial thing that hasn't changed in the last half-decade of its evolution.

Aaron Thackeray
The Epilogues last night at the 1STBANK Center.

Local openers the Epilogues played a swift and jittery thirty-minute set, opening with "The World is Yours." The band was animated and gracious, leading the thickening crowd through songs with lots of hand claps and heel-pushing guitar jerks. A cover of Filter's "Hey Man, Nice Shot" couldn't have been a better choice for the Epilogues' sort-of dark and dramatic sound, the nostalgic trip sending the quintet into a heightened state of theatrical movement. Closing with "King Arthur," lead singer Chris Heckman came down in front of the monitors to touch hands with the first row of fans. Heckman's vocal sneer is definitely an acquired taste, but nonetheless projected from the sound system with a great, sharp clarity.

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Aaron Thackeray
LA's Oh My Stars last night at the 1STBANK Center.

Next came L.A.'s Oh My Stars, led by Lee Miles, whose sung-spoken strut carried an act that was definitely on, but didn't translate as well as the Epilogues. Between lots of inappropriate kneeling and machine gun-stance guitar work by Josh Debney and Miles' incessant ego-stroking of his own band, Stars' shtick grew old quickly. At points, Debney's sound channeled a Brian May's arena-sized riffs, but still fell short in execution. The band's set was hardly boring, but it was still painful, as Miles' cross-bred sing-talk becoming exhausting after the first few songs. Closing with "Bleed In, Breathe Out," the band's attempt at harmonizing was not successful, but by all accounts, the set was -- throngs of kids screamed happily as the band exited.

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