Pictureplane's new video for "Real is a Feeling"

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09 - Pictureplane Video Shoot.JPG
Bree Davies

Pictureplane's track "Real is a Feeling" came to life in video form last night at Redline Gallery studios, complete with a girl in head-to-toe lyrca and a pinata filled with rubber organs of the human variety. Filmed by Neil Ewing and visual artist Sterling Crispin and with the direction of Travis Egedy himself, the finished product most likely won't see the light of the internet until spring though, Egedy tells us, when then track is released and his full-length follow-up to 2009's Dark Rift is complete.

10 - Pictureplane Video Shoot.JPG
Bree Davies

Silly String, green-tinted Karo syrup and bondage gear were put to good use in the big white space, with face-painted cameos by Andy R. and Craig Nice of Gauntlet Hair (plus Nice's puppy, Penny), a hot wax-covered Ryan McRyhew and Kristi Schaefer of Hideous Men and a fruit snack-eating Mario Zoots of Modern Witch all taking part in the filming.

08 - Pictureplane Video Shoot.JPG
Bree Davies

The night's full moon help set the mood for Egedy's hula-hooping reality trip, which came complete with a wet, aerosol party string shoot out and a housewife staring blankly from a Luchadore mask. We can't wait to see the goopy and guts-filled finished product for "Real is a Feeling" when it comes out next year, and can only hope its as spooky as Egedy's 2009 seance-themed video for "Goth Star" --also a Crispin-made original.

On top of the new video and forthcoming album news, Egedy has also added some West Coast dates with friends Teengirl Fantasy to his winter tour, extending his road-tripping into January--including a New Year's Eve date in Boulder with Crystal Castles.

Click through for more photos from the shoot.

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