The Glitch Mob at the Fillmore, 10/31/10

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Britt Chester

With Beats Antique & Prefuse 73
10.31.10 | Fillmore Auditorium

LA's Glitch Mob comprises three members -- DJs edIT, Boreta and Ooah (founding member Kraddy left last year) -- who use laptops and MIDI controllers to create the hip-hop influenced, bass-driven electro that keeps bodies movin' on dance floors all over the country. The act's unique blend of music is closer to electro-house than pretty much all of the DJs who claim to spin that genre, and the outfit absolutely tore up the Fillmore dance floor last night. To warm up the crowd, Beats Antique and Prefuse 73 took the stage.

Guillermo Catacubano's hip-hop project, Prefuse 73, had its ups and downs, starting off with some discordant, non-cohesive, spaced-out noises that didn't do much to showcase the group's skills, but this quickly melted into syncopated beats, wind chimes emerging from hard breaks and '70s funk samples.

Prefuse shone brightest when playing a sort of jazzy trip-hop reminiscent of DJ Shadow. Two sampling artists worked their electronic magic on stage while the talented drummer kept pace with slow, staggered beats, and then his bandmates might drop in bluesy guitar lines, organ-like keys and sighing melodies. There were a few fumbles here and there in the set, but it was mostly tight, and overall, Prefuse 73 made a good showing of it.

Britt Chester

Beats Antique came on at 9:30 p.m., opening with sounds that wouldn't have been amiss in an old-timey cartoon set in a haunted house. Two skeletons came on stage to dance while David Satori and Sidecar Tommy Cappel played the drums and electronic drums, moving into breaky beats with old-school melodies while two more skeletons joined the two already on stage. One skeleton (Zoe Jakes, perhaps?) stayed on at the end of the song, picking up a drum and playing it while deep, distorted bass meandered with an anthem-y piano line, squealing sirens and the ever-insistent drums.

Britt Chester

The Eastern-influenced beats and melodies continued with an electronic banjo played like a sitar, belly-dance drums and chimes. Bellydancer Elizabeth Strong joined Satori and Cappel on stage, exhibiting impressive hip-twitching to the wailing violin and steady drum noises. It was a more instrumental than electronic set; there was some sampling and manipulation taking place, but mostly the sounds were being created with live instruments.

Britt Chester

Zoe Jakes emerged in the flesh, with antlers atop her head, and proceeded to exhibit her unique meld of hip-hop/bellydance, shimmying shoulders and hips in time with the beats. The dancers moved well with the songs, and toward the end of the set, a whole array of dancers with animal-themed masks moved onto the stage -- a horse head, chicken, deer, cow, turtle, frog, rabbit danced next to one another to close out the set

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