Tjutjuna at Larimer Lounge, 11/19/10

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Tom Murphy

Woodsman • Married In Berdichev • DJ Peter Black
11.19.10 | Larimer Lounge

For his set, Peter Black used an iPad to control and trigger some of the sounds he was weaving into his live remixes. This set of songs had kind of a raw, percussion heavy sound and seemed to feature more hip-hop than chill out music. Unlike some of his peers, Black dances along and moves with the music rather than merely nodding his head with the beat and staring at the computer screen.

Tom Murphy
Peter Black

Brittany Gould took the stage next with her customary lack of fanfare. Her set began with islands of echoing vocals drifting in among high pitched streams of white noise. Something about her music always suggests travel on water or over it, with how the weather and the waves can be unpredictable to anyone inside it and unaware of the bigger picture.

Gould's compositions seem to be guided somewhat by the Heisenberg Principle in that seemingly random noises with absolutely non-random noises, such as her vocals, are set to wander about or serve as extended heady moments, but when heard as a whole, it captures the emotional tenor of the song and the imagery it conveys perfectly.

Here, Gould's vocals were infused with a delicate yet intense emotionalism. Her technique of using repetition in spirals brought to mind Stan Brakhage talking about how the poetry of Ezra Pound could suggest roundness, saying that the technique suggested characteristics beyond those immediately before you. The effect was hypnotic and arresting.

Tom Murphy
Married in Berdichev

Something happened to Woodsman in the last few months because for this performance, the band eschewed its longer-arc songs in favor of more concise pieces. But this just made the group seem even more focused and powerful.

Some people who see this band, probably assume it's drawing directly from post-rock. But really, the group's sound is more akin to German experimental prog rockers of the '70s like Neu! and Popol Vuh, with an emphasis on swirling atmospheres and interweaving chord progressions. It's clearly not the first time, but Mark Demolar sang lead vocals on a few numbers including the stirring "Insect," which is one of the outfit's best songs to date.

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