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Woodsman through the eyes of Johnnie Cluney
At this point, Daytrotter has amassed enough recordings from the Colorado-based acts that have stopped by The Horseshack in downtown Rock Island, Illinois, that it could release an incredibly compelling double-disc compilation, complete with the custom illustrated liner art of Johnnie Cluney.

Lord knows, from Young Coyotes to Woodsman, whose session was posted earlier this week, there's plenty of music to pull from.

Alas, until somebody sees fit to release such a thing, though, it looks like we're on our own. With that in mind, click through for a list of links to the sessions we're aware of thus far (if we missed any, feel free to let us know).


Drag the River - October 21, 1010
Dressy Bessy - February 1, 2007
Matt Morris - July 22, 2010
Paper Bird - August 25, 2010
Nathaniel Rateliff - June 21, 2010
Nathaniel Rateliff - December 2, 2009
Rose Hill Drive - June 13, 2010
Tennis - September 24, 2010
Woodsman - November 8, 2010
Young Coyotes - March 18, 2009

*Snake Rattle Rattle Snake reportedly recorded a session that hasn't been posted yet.

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Chairlift - January 20, 2009
Crooked Fingers - December 17, 2008
Patrick Park - July 11, 2008

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