Ian Cooke appears on Joanna Newsom tribute album alongside M.Ward, Billy Bragg and others

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On Versions of Joanna, the aptly titled tribute to Joanna Newsom, 21 artists from six countries cover Newsom's songs. Of those those acts, there's a number of familiar voices such as Billy Bragg, M. Ward, Owen Pallett and Ben Sollee. Astute Denverites, however, will instantly recognize one very distinctive voice above all the others, that of Ian Cooke, who contributed two songs to the 22-track album.

Initially, Cooke was asked to contribute just one song to the record, but when organizers heard his rendition, they asked him to record another. And so Cooke and his bandmates -- guitarist Ian O'Dougherty, bassist Whit Sibley and drummer Sean Merrell -- did just that, and as a result, he has the distinction of being the only artist on the platter with two cuts, both of which are every bit as delightful as you'd expect. Listen for yourself below.

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