Pictureplane's trip to Alaska in tweets: Drugs, a flaming couch and a 12 gauge

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Travis Egedy, who performs as Pictureplane and lives in Rhinoceropolis, has maintained a relatively high national profile in no small part due to his incessant, ridiculous tweeting. He just got back from a week-long stint in Alaska, and his social media work from the the 49th state reached unprecedented levels of crazy. See what it's like to be a weird young dance darling in 2010 below. Tweets are chronological.


Tweet 2.jpg


Screen shot 2010-12-22 at 2.40.32 AM.jpg

Tweet 5.jpg

Screen shot 2010-12-22 at 2.41.09 AM.jpg

Tweet 7.jpg

Tweet 8.jpg

Tweet 9.jpg

Tweet 10.jpg

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