Raekwon at Summit Music Hall, 1/29/11

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Photo: Aaron Thackeray
Raekwon last night at Summit Music Hall. See full slideshow.
Summit Music Hall | 1.29.11

As with most shows put on by members of the Wu, who are largely moving about solo these days, whether it's Raekwon, or Ghostface, or the always touring Method Man, you expect them to bring the ruckus like it's 1997. Last night's Raekwon show at Summit Music Hall did not disappoint, and proves more than anything that timeless rap outlasts the bubble gum fuckery in a lot of today's music.

DJ Image, Rae's touring deejay spun a bunch of grooves that kept the party going throughout the night. There were b-boys and b-girls dancing in several different parts of the huge venue. Denver's resident rhyme smith and rhythm spitter, Dent was on hand toasting it up on the microphone behind Image.

Photo: Aaron Thackeray
Last night at Summit Music Hall. See full slideshow.
An interesting component to this show is that it came with a contest to determine, "Denver's Best Band" and was a part of the jurassic snow events that were taking over Colorado this weekend. The participants all competed up at Echo Mountain to win the prize of opening up for Raekwon and win the cash prize.

Wheelchair Sports Camp was the band that took home the cash, and the coveted opening spot as opener. Their set only lasted ten minutes so it having come and gone by the time I got there, there wasn't much more to do than watch the dance floor goodness and wait for Raekwon.

Next to the sound booth, I noticed the most interesting thing. There was a young lady controlling the lights and, it seemed, to me, using the same percussive movements I could hear in the deejay's scratching, in perfect synchronization.

By this time the crowd was well and warm, Dent came back on and stoked the fires even more, before Raekwon, in typical Wu-tang style invaded the stage with no less than twelve people. Each standing around with big jackets, some holding cameras, others playing their posse position, the tone was perfect.

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