Cue hysteria: Coachella lineups announced

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So this year's Coachella lineup has been announced. Have you peeped that shit? It's going to be sick, bro. Creed? Nickelback? Limp Bizkit? On the same stage? Be still our beating hearts. Road trip! Can we get a hell yeah? Looks like it's time to hit the LQ, fire up the shaggin' wagon and point the cab towards Indio. Oh, wait, what? What's this Brochella, you say? Ah, yes, Coachella's what you're looking for? Our bad. Click through for the Coachella lineup. It's pretty decent, too, we guess. [hipster runoff]


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Brian Frederick
Brian Frederick

Oddly enough I just tweeted the other day that Kings Of Leon is the new Nickleback. Someone was paying attention...

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