Dashboard Confessional at Summit Music Hall, 01/10/11

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Aaron Thackeray
Chris Carraba still makes all the ladies swoon.

John Jefler, Lady Danville and Chris Conley
Summit Music Hall | 1.10.11

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Unsurprisingly, a huge amount of people waited outside Summit Music Hall last night to witness the ten-year anniversary of Dashboard Confessional. Chris Conley, the sole remaining member of Saves the Day, took to the stage before the sharp and stylish Chris Carraba of Dashboard came out and made all the girls (ahem, women) swoon.

John Lefler was plucking passionately as the will-call line dwindled down. Enough can be said about this show's being popular simply based on the fact that a steady line of 25 people were waiting at will-call until at least 8 p.m. (doors were at 6:30). And most were wearing nothing but skin-tight jeans, Macbeth shoes and, of course, Dashboard or Saves the Day T-shirts (save for a Nintendo controller printed shirt and multiple shoulder tattoos of sparrows).

Aaron Thackeray
John Lefler

Where was I? Oh, yeah: John Lefler. Lefler joined Dashboard roughly eight years ago (around the time of the MTV Unplugged album), and has been featured or part of the band since. Tonight, however, was simply a solo opening, with some personal songs and one-on-one time with the audience. Somewhere riddled in the intimacy of the set came the lyric "They say I'm sorry about your broken heart," in a ballad that ended on strong note and raised the spirits of everyone swaying in the grand hall at Summit.

Aaron Thackeray
Lady Danville.

An L.A. band, confusingly named Lady Danville, followed Lefler with some piano-ized indie rock. What is it about "indie" bands that make the voices protruding from their owners so deceiving? Either it's too high-pitched for the body producing it, or it's nasal and works perfectly with the "yay-eee-yea's" that seem to fill every song. Lady Danville is no exception, but do not let that deter you from its sound. After a quick dedication to their van, Brenda, for not letting them die coming west over I-70, the guys played a heartwarming cover of "Kids," by MGMT. Following this was a ukulele-and-harmonica smasher called "I want you back," which somehow didn't put everyone to sleep.

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