Download two tracks from Molina's forthcoming album, Name & Town, due out next week

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Molina is an MC, lecturer and artist who is rooted and steeped in hip-hop from a purist and cultural point of view. Having spent most of the year touring and building his brand from his many multi-faceted projects, including a poetry/hip-hop fusion project with female voice and artistic phenom, Aju, he's back with a new album and an even more poignant message.

For this project, Molina has teamed up with New Mexico producer Diles for his forthcoming project, Name & Town. The thirteen-track project (due out digitally on Tuesday, January 18, and physically on Saturday, Feburary 1) includes features from Venus Cruz and Mane Rok, not to mention the Bay Area talents of DJ Ice Water.

We got our hands on two songs from the album, "Age of Aquarius" and "Again," which features vocals from Venus Cruz. On "Again" Venus Cruz draws the soul from Diles' production, and Molina's flow weaves in and out of this laid back joint with carefully thought out verses.

"Age of Aquarius," meanwhile, with DJ Ice Water showcases the energy and obvious chemistry between the two -- who have worked together on several projects in the past -- and the depth of Molina's voice carries the message in his lyrics.


MP3: "Again" - Molina
MP3: "Age of Aquarius" - Molina

Click through for tracklist

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Denver is so blessed to have such a magnificent artist in our community! Dropping knowledge and consiousness to our youth and our people is the best form of education possible. The beats on this album and Molina's magical voice brings his poetry and rap together to create a lyrical masterpiece! Keep it up and keep the music coming, Molina! You are the freshest! =) Take a moment to listen to all of the available tracks, you will not be disappointed!


Like the upbeat vibes, totally chill. Keep it coming guys, nice job.


one of the brightest minds of our time & the rhymes he spits are on fire!!!


Love the tracks. Keep it coming!

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