EOTO and more at City Hall, 12/31/10

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Britt Chester
A taste of the light show during Fresh2Death

With Fresh2Death coming to a close and a steady stream of people filing to get prime placement for Eoto, NastyNasty was taking hold in the Glitch Room. The main room downstairs, or the "Dubstep Hall" was not very forgiving in terms of mobility. People love their dubstep and Liquid Stranger did not let anyone down.

Larva Ink hosted the countdown outside. A relatively small and pace-breaking moment in the heat of the all the chaos. People wanted to hear more music! Cheers were let loose, kisses were exchanged and the confetti fell from the skies. And then the music came back. Shoulder to shoulder and nuts to butts, the entire place was packed and eagerly anticipating Eoto.

It was all over when they walked out. The Boulder based electro-guitarist/drummer duo brought out the demons as the clock melted onward into the new year. Along with the added roof, City Hall hooked up a new wall of speakers hanging from the rafters and lining the floor. Adding a new sound balcony, literally days prior, proved successful in terms of engineering. The metal roof housing the semi-outdoor stage distorted some of the sound, but that's nothing a little bit of insulation and a ear check from a sound engineer can't fix. Find yourself dead center about fifteen people back from the stage, and it's all good.

Britt Chester
Filled to capacity

Random Detail: Despite offering three artists at any given time, the sound quality was surprisingly good inside and out. Probably some tweaking needed outside to counter the reverberating metal roof, but that will come in time.
By The Way: Project Aspect opened the main stage and followed Eoto at 2 A.M. after the close. Two sets, two stages, one night. Props for the energy.
Overheard: "Why would I listen to Eoto when I can go download the set after the show anyway?" Because it's live music. Hey guy, spare us your ignorance and let someone who really wants to see them live get a ticket next time.

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City Hall

1144 Broadway, Denver, CO

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