Jonathan Coulton at the Soiled Dove, 1/22/11

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Jonathan Coulton
With Paul and Storm
01.22.2011 | Soiled Dove Underground

Monsters, vaginas, science fiction, shop-vacuums, pirates, robots: just a few of the topics covered last night at the Soiled Dove Underground, 7401 E. 1st Avenue, by Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm.

The geek-cred-cum folk musicians aren't known for their subtlety, but the energy and humor pulsing through the venue was impossible not to enjoy.

The Soiled Dove was packed full of visibly nerdy fans, ranging from the Dungeons and Dragons variety to the IT crowd, but they weren't quiet, nor were they subdued, this was their territory and they were loud, obnoxious and having one hell of a time. Paul and Storm took the stage with their usual opening number, "Opening Band," a song that always manages to get the crowd excited while poking fun at the very nature of their role.

From there, Paul and Storm let loose through a slew of songs, including a particularly memorable soft-rock ode to vaginas called "I Will Sing a Lullaby." Their best material tends to be their shortest, which was evidenced by spot on memorial tunes in the vein of James Taylor, Bob Dylan and They Might Be Giants.

Paul and Storm were stumbling through much of their set, not in a bad way, but because the audience was so raucous and invested in the band's songs, it grew increasing difficult for them to push through a few of them. Laughter was certainly not a missing ingredient for the night.

A short interlude followed Paul and Storm's closing number, "The Captain's Wife's Lament," a pirate sing-a-long that both required audience participation (we were tasked with hollering a variety of different variations on "argh") and is well known for derailing mid-way through into a variety of transgressions and jokes.

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The Soiled Dove Underground

7401 E. 1st Ave., Denver, CO

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