Police arrest four individuals in valet hit-and-run death outside Rockstar Lounge

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Denver Police have reportedly arrested four people in connection with the hit-and-run incident that took place over the weekend at Rockstar Lounge (940 Lincoln), in which valet Jose Medina was struck by vehicle and later died from his injuries. It was the 21-year-old's first night on the job.

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Eliu Montes-Garcia (pictured right), who evidently has a lengthy history with immigration officials, was the first of three people arrested locally, the other two being Yolanda Bastida-Nolasco, Guadalupe Bastida. Another woman, Norma Paola Vera-Nolasco, was apprehended last night in Phoenix last night on plane headed for Mexico, just as it was preparing for takeoff. No word yet on specific charges, but we'll keep you posted.

Click through for statement from DPD and individual mugshots.

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Rockstar Lounge - CLOSED

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How is this a backbeat story?

Trick James
Trick James

Makes people working for immigration reform look like fools.


Lock Garcia up for LIFE.

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