Lady Parts at Mercury Cafe, 01/29/11

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Tom Murphy
Lady Parts

With Doo Crowder, Samantha Doom Blows Up the Band, Maudlin Magpie
01.28.11 | Mercury Cafe

Lady Parts hosted its CD-release party over the weekend amongst a group of musical friends, including Doo Crowder, who opened the evening's proceedings with a further evolution of his solo act. He had all his electronic sounds set perfectly, and he had his looping technique down, so that he could perform as he's always seemed to have wanted. With the first song, Crowder created some modest percussion by looping his beatboxing, and then played over the top like Karl Blau might do -- a kind of hybrid of hip-hop and folky indie pop.

Crowder's sonic range was fairly broad throughout. He made great use of a drum machine, and, along with a variety of guitar textures, his set never seemed of a piece. He closed with what turned into a spontaneous dance party at the front of the stage, with a few people getting up, including a father and his daughter. The song morphed into another and then became a transformed but surprisingly faithful cover of "California Love," by Tupac Shakur.

Tom Murphy
Doo Crowder

Samantha Doom Blows Up the Band was up next. Not a band proper so much as performance art, the quintet consists of two "members," blow-up dolls named Missy Misfit on guitar and Norm on drums, with everyone else dressed up a bit like an ironic "new wave" band that might have appeared on The Pee Wee Herman show, with a similarly humorously demented presentation of everything.

Tom Murphy
Samantha Doom Blows Up the Band

Before the music started, Angie Martin, with a bright blue wig on, used an air pump to "inflate" her bandmates, John Nichols (keys and real guitar), Samantha Doom and Denise An (drums -- who wore a white and red lucha libre mask). Musically akin to a toned down Plasmatics and a less bombastic Alice Bowie, the group displayed a Tubes-like penchant for absurdity played with a straight face.

Samantha's singing voice was a little bit Lene Lovich and her admonishing "Norm" with a "Shut up, Norm, you're hairy" was almost surreal. The set ended when Angie came on stage dancing to Michael Sembello's "Maniac" and she deflated the human members of the group with the same pump she used to blow them up.

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Mercury Cafe

2199 California St., Denver, CO

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