Mike Marchant gives away a ton of free music and starts a new band. Yes, another one.

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Oh, Mike. What would we do without your insanely high productivity level and generous demeanor? The singer-songwriter has gifted us with three EPs of free downloading pleasure to say thanks for a great 2010. Plus, he's started a new band -- name, members and other pertinent information to come -- and says a full-length album is already in the works.

For the time being, Marchant is giving all the material he's recorded and released in three separate pieces between 2008 and 2010 away for free. Each EP has something different to offer the listener -- some tracks are more pop-oriented, while some are what Marchant describes as "synth-heavy and lo-fi."

Across the seventeen tracks, Marchant is backed by an assortment friends and local musicians like Cole Rudy, Stephanie Dorman and members of Constellations, Mark Shusterman and Cory Brown -- who all lend to the mix of styles and sounds evoked through out the albums. Below are links to the EPs which will be available for free for the next week via Marchant's bandcamp page complete with the original artwork.

Outer Space and the Sea EP

Indulgent Space Folk Vol. 2 EP

Indulgent Space Folk Vol. 3: Binary Beach EP

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great news! thanks westword.

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