Misogyny: Do women get a bad rap in hip-hop?

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Misogyny, as a concept and as a behavior, is a major issue in hip-hop. Women are frequently marginalized and suffer extreme sexist treatment. As I began to examine the pronounced gender bias in the hip-hop community for this week's feature, I interviewed a wide range of ladies to get their views on sexuality, and ended up getting many different points of view.

In the process, I also noticed more and more instances of misogyny in the scene. At the same time, though, there's seems to be an evolution taking place that is sparking change. Whether of the Nicki Minaj variety or a more traditional stance and purist vantage point, hip-hop is on the rise, and in many ways, the ladies are leading the way.

A new wave of treasure is to be found in the re-emergence of the female MC, as well as women artists in general. I've said it often, and this discussion of female participation in rap supports it: If there were more women rappers in the scene, change would not come as slowly as it does, nor would it be met with such resistance. Here's to the winds of change setting the patterns for the future.

Click through for our conversations with Rie Rie, Bea Shepard (aka "The Hip-Hop Mom"), Bianca Mikahn, Billie Jean, Kalyn Heffernan and DJ Shor T.

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