Sample Magic breaks down the bassics of Skrillex's signature sound

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Skrillex is muy en fuego right now. Signed to Deadmau5's Mau5trap label, the former From First to Last Singer (aka Sonny Moore) -- whom we caught up with in advance of his packed show at the Fox Theatre last month -- gained substantial notice recently by absolutely dominating the Beatport charts. At one point, the dude held down eight of the top ten slots on the dance-centric/electronic music retailer's site. And he's done it all this with a distinctive sound centered on warped, effected bass lines -- a sound that, thanks to the fine folks at Sounds to Sample /, we now know how to emulate on our own at home, so we can thus become EDM superstars. (If only it were that easy, eh?) [via Beatportal]

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Matthew Fecher
Matthew Fecher

Dang, I actually watched that youtube video this past weekend!

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