Shenandoah Davis at the Mercury, 01/08/11

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Lance Stack

With Pee-Pee, Laura Goldhamer and Princess Music
01.08.11 | Mercury Cafe

The Mercury Café was looking sexy on Saturday night. Candle-lit tables topped with roses, a swooping network of lights above, fine wines, hearty beers and delicious food, all coming together as a unique, exotic venue in the heart of downtown Denver -- the Mercury Cafe, a place where you can bring a hot date, have a fantastic meal and catch some really great music on a nice big stage.

The Merc is also warm and inviting inside, a place for long-lost friends to reconnect, swing each other around, kick off their shoes and dance around like goofballs and have fun. And that, in a nutshell, seems to be the story a lot of people had at the Mercury Café last night for the second installment of Shenandoah Davis' return-to-Colorado performances. All the musicians were friends already -- with each other, but also with much of the audience that filled out a healthy portion of the venue. Plates bustled about, beers were poured, friends were hugged, and the music delighted and inspired.

Lance Stack
Laura Goldhamer

Laura Goldhammer got the evening started with her projector setup and banjo. Her set was often soft and playfully sweet, right down to the little puppets and sketches of trees coloring in her stop-motion visual animations. With sprightly strings to back her up, some foot-stomping, and beautiful, calming meditation on meditation, tracks like "Gently Now," it made for another great set from an amazing, obviously hard-working artist.

Laura Goldhamer and the Silver Nail
01.08.11 | Mercury Cafe

1. intro
2. Little Baby
3. Lion
4. "True Hearts" (new song)
5. One Day the River
6. Gently Now
7. Humpty Dumpty

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