Sour Boy, Bitter Girl wind up in a ditch and meet some puppies at Waffle House

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Click to enlarge. Photo courtesy of BJ Buttice.
Fort Collins' Sour Boy, Bitter Girl started 2011 with a weeklong tour of our neighboring states, playing shows in Kansas, Missouri, Texas and New Mexico. They released a record last year, but this was mostly a "because we can" situation. These sorts of tours, however brief, can be pivotal moments in bands' careers and see them facing... unusual challenges. Which is why we're introducing a new feature where we gather reports from the road.

First up, we bring you Sour Boy, Bitter Girl front man BJ Buttice, who shares the tour's highs, lows, and encounters with locals.

Westword: What did you travel in?

BJ Buttice: We still haven't come up with a band vehicle. This time around we took my Four-Runner. Four sleepless, restless, showerless guys packed into a pretty tight space. We had to pull a trailer for the gear. Then we hit ice, and the trailer pulled us. Into a ditch. Hopefully we'll have a van next time.

Where did you sleep?

Sleeping was all pretty comfortable this time around. Friends floors. A friend's parents' house -- which was pretty killer. And I believe there was some sleeping in the car outside the venue.

What was your cheapest meal?

The cheapest meals were the amazing free meals we had at our friend's parents' house. They were great hosts. Or the free pizza at the Record Bar in Kansas City. Also pretty great. Other than that, it was mostly gas station food and a buy-one-get-one chicken sandwich deal at... I think it was Burger King. Doesn't really matter. It was cheap and not as disgusting as it could've been. Most surreal meal was at a Waffle House in Kansas where all the very loud customers knew too much about each other and too little about us. It ended with the band getting to play with puppies!

What was your best show?

The best show, for me, was Dallas. Good turn out. Good bands. Really nice people and a good response. Plus the drinks were cheap as hell. And i got to see a very old friend for the first time in too long a time.

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