South by Southwest 2011: Candy Claws, DeVotchKa and Slim Cessna tapped to perform

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Ah, here we are again, a new year. You know what that means? Yep. Time to start the South by Southwest countdown. The first bands have been announced, and although there will likely be a bazillion more announced, of the groups announced so far, three local bands have received official invitations: Candy Claws and two bona fide SXSW veterans, DeVotchKa and Slim Cessna's Auto Club. While we've already heard a ton of chatter about the fest (taking place March 16-20), which acts do you think deserve to get an official nod? Who do you think will end up heading down on their own? Do you think it's even worth going anymore? Why or why not? What say you? Feel free to weigh in below.

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Mark Towne
Mark Towne

The price of the bages are insane. I understand that you get to see a ton of quality acts but honestly, how many independent music lovers can afford to pay $600 for a "badge"? Apparently the answer is "a lot". Hell, half the bands that perform pay to do so. It's an awesome festival but the cost is absurd!


You don't NEED a badge to go. I've gone three years, no badge, with only money for food and drink and had the time of my life each time. Even with a badge the more popular shows are all but impossible to get into anyway. Most venues will let you in sans badge for $10-$20, if it's something you have to hear. Loads of free shows, more artists than you can possibly see. Go. It's Austin, it's music.

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