"Starstrukk," by 3OH!3: Do all guys want a girl who's basically a slut?

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A reasonable query if there ever was one.
Earlier today, as we were trolling the crevices of the Internet, we came across this resolved question in Yahoo! Answers about 3OH!3's hit song, "Starstrukk," from Want, the act's Photo Finish debut in 2008.

A reasonable enough question, the inquisitive fan wondered if all that guys want is a girl who's basically a slut with nice legs in daisy dukes that makes a man go whoo-hoo -- a query that's plagued humanity for years and years (we can't tell you how much sleep we've lost pondering such a notion).

Unsatisfied with the posted answers, one for ("I think guys do want a girl who's a slut...its what they like :/") and one against ("Not all boys like sluts,it depends on there characteristics"), we went directly to the source and hit up Mr. Sean Foreman himself for some insight.

"Ha ha. Awesome," he said in response to our query. "Yahoo questions are my favorite."

Us, too, Sean, in case you were wondering. We're especially fond of head-scratchers like, uh, you know, why is Dayquil orange and why Nyquil is green? Or heck, while we're at it, why is Pepto-Bismol pink? How do they get the "M" on the M&Ms? So many questions, so little time... What's that? Oh yeah, where were we? Sorry. Continue.

"That verse," he went on to explain, "was inspired by the 69 Boyz with the song 'check out them girls in the daisy dukes (Ohhh I know you want to).' I love that song. So there ya go."

Indeed. And there you have it. Looks like the answer, as it turns out, is, er, yes and no. When it comes down to it, evidently, it's all about the daisy dukes. Whoo-hoo!

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