The Big 4: Four reasons to extend your stay in Indio after Coachella that rhyme with Metallica

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Old school metal fans across the country are no doubt peeing themselves right now over The Big 4 (we certainly are). In case you happened to miss the big announcement on Facebook earlier today, four of the metal's venerable titans are going to be together on the same stage for the first time since they toured Europe last year.

Which four? Well, let's just say it features a little group that rhymes with Metallica, whose logo, as you can see below, just happens to be the most prominent on the poster, suggesting that perhaps a better name for this tour might be Metallica and, uh, everybody else. Everybody else, of course, being Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax.


When is it? Glad you asked. The weekend after Coachella, in the same polo fields, we presume, where that festival takes place. Luckily there's still time to change your air and hotel accommodations. This probably goes without saying, but the shit's going to be fucking brutal, amigos.

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