Apply to have your tour bankrolled by the government via a tour grant from WESTAF

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UPDATE: Okay, so it turns out, we got it a little twisted yesterday regarding the WESTAF TourWest grant program. According to WESTAF Deputy Director, Shannon Daut, the grant is actually earmarked toward "presenting entities" in the WESTAF region (venues in which an artist might play), as opposed to the musicians, as originally reported. And the prospective recipient must be a non-profit entity that engages in educational activity for the community. WESTAF, however, is working on custom tailoring a grant towards working musicians. For more information, visit WESTAF's site.

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Looks like the grants are for non-profits and community arts centers to -bring in- out of state touring acts, not grants for the bands themselves. The community centers/charity organizations would have to match the money to pay the touring act.


Yeah, because if we had the money to match it...we would still need theirs? I'm confused. Also, who is judging our art to determine it's of the "highest artistic quality" and measuring our "commitment to audience development"? Hopefully, it's a panel of women like my mom. Because she gets excited anytime we play somewhere that is a "real" venue with a sound guy and no bums outside.


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