Fantasia 2011 at Rhino, Thee Goochi Boiz at Brass Tree and Fingers of the Sun at hi-dive

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Bree Davies
With so many great shows happening on Saturday night, it was virtually impossible to stay in one place. Luckily, Denver's geography makes it fairly easy to maneuver between venues in a short amount of time, so we attempted to catch various bands and performances throughout out the evening, making stops at Rhinoceropolis, the Brass Tree house and the hi-dive for three diverse and equally awesome shows.

First stop was Fantasia 2011 at Rhinoceropolis--for a multi-room, audio and visual conglomeration of music, imagery, and food. Yes, even a tree covered in doughnuts made an appearance, amid projections by Milton Melvin Croissaint III and music from Voices Of, Alphabets and more.

Bree Davies
Yup, it's a donut tree.
Bree Davies
Visual projections from Milton Melvin Croissant
Bree Davies
Pythian Whispers
Bree Davies
Bree Davies

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