A first look at Mc Subcon's "Escape" and "If I Never Make It" videos

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Over the weekend, M.c. Subcon dropped a pair of new videos, the one, a Drumond West-directed video for "If I Never Make It," and the other, a the short clip for "Escape" featuring Subcon and the master rapper Kam Moye (aka Supastition). Click through to watch both videos.

Beginning with "Escape," the imagery is very cool and kind of reminiscent of Reflection Eternal's video for "Back Again." Kam is a rapping beast and really sets it off with his rhythmic flow over the piano/808 driven beat, while Subcon comes in with his verses about working hard and using the music as escape. At less than two minutes, the joint gets to the point pretty quickly with determined raps and cool visuals, a mix of still photography and illustrations.

Click through for "If I Never Make It"

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