Ozzy Osbourne at the Pepsi Center, 2.8.11

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Aaron Thackeray
Hey, look: It's the Prince of Fucking Darkness, man!

With Slash
02.08.11 | Pepsi Center

Ozzy Osbourne layeth the smack down last night at the Pepsi Center with Slash -- he of the shaggy mane, top hat, Velvet Revolver and, of course, Guns N' Roses -- in tow. A chair-packed stadium floor might not be what the Ozz-man usually cometh to, but it didn't deter anyone from having a flash-back party to when guitars were shredded beyond recognition and drums were beaten like they were designed to be.

Aaron Thackeray

Ozzy couldn't have picked a more perfect opener than Slash. The newest addition to Slash's band is lead singer Myles Kennedy, whose vocals sound about two steps lower than Axel Rose's, as was immediately evident on the cover of "My Michelle." "Back From Cali" followed the other G'n'R hit "NightTrain," before Slash slowed things down a tad with "Starlight."

Aaron Thackeray
Myles Kennedy

"My Michelle" was the highlight of the set. When Kennedy crooned "Your daddy works in porno/Now that mommy's not around/She used to love her heroin/But now she's underground," Slash showed off his slide-skills on that crucial note. Baa-WOW!

Aaron Thackeray

Just as the final "MICHELLE!" was screamed into the microphone, the lights dimmed, and Slash took center stage. Everyone's denims immediately turned stone-washed, T-shirts were spontaneously transformed into cut-offs and the horns were thrown high. He effortlessly turned on the retro and opened into "Sweet Child o Mine," which, to nobody's surprise, into a full on '80s frenzy.

Aaron Thackeray

Velvet Revolver, Slash's former and short lived super group, were credited with the cover of "Slither." And the near-perfect GN'R cover set concluded with a dedication to the greatest city on Earth. (Um, that would be Denver, Colorado. Thank you very much.) "Paradise City" closed it out with a spotlight on the drummer and the guitarist.

Aaron Thackeray

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Man-O-man, do i ever love me some good 'ol fashion rock and roll!!!!!! and by the way... SLASH is my idol!!! (i'm even facebook friends with him, SO SICK!!!!!!!).

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