Paper Diamond at the Bluebird Theater, 2/25/11

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Photo Britt Chester
with Raw Russ and Eprom
Bluebird Theater | 2.25.11

The Bluebird Theater hosted the sold-out, Official Snowball Festival Kickoff Party last night with Raw Russ, Eprom and Paper Diamond.

Alex B., who spins under the moniker Paper Diamond, spoke with Westword recently about his new sound, which, if judged by the response at the Bluebird last night, seems to be catching on quite well.

Photo Britt Chester
A late opening and a cold front through Denver, at best, delayed arrival by about fifteen minutes. The floor wasn't even close to looking crowded when Raw Russ was took the stage at 9:30 p.m., but did his best to breathe some life into the crowd.

Russ recently opened for Big Gigantic in Boulder, where Dominic Lalli pulled him out mid-show to scratch over a Wiz Khalifa "Black and Yellow," remix. And it's true to say that Russ can carry a track on his tables just as well as the heavy bass he throws in.

Eprom followed Russ, but definitely took the tempo down a notch or two from the start. He introduced some of his new music in the beginning, starting things off slow and what seemed to be musically disorganized, but eventually came around into one of his galacto-glitch melodies.

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Bluebird Theater

3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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