Photos: Pauly D at Beta, 2/18/11

Pauly D last night at Beta. Pauly D at Beta: All the photos.
Jersey Shore's most drama-free character, Pauly D (Paul DelVecchio), attracted a capacity crowd last night at Beta. A crush of people gathered around the DJ both with cell phone cameras to get a photo of DelVecchio, who is also a club DJ in Providence, Rhode Island when the show is not filming. Photos by Jonathan Shoup.

Below are a few highlights, but you can see the full Pauly D at Beta slideshow here.

Pauly D at Beta slideshow here

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Wow this just proves that Denver has as its share of douchebags and it looks like most of them were at one of the douchiest places in Denver,if not all of Colorado,these pictures are the douchebag equivalent of pedophile warning posters,what we needed here was Great White style pyrotechnics!!!


... Then why are you looking at them?

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