Rick Kulwicki benefit slated for the end of March

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Michael Lustig
Rick Kulwicki and his boys
So what is it they say -- at the end of every dark night a new day dawns? There's solace to be found in that maxim. And some bright spots are starting to emerge on an otherwise dreary week which brought shocking news of Rick Kulwicki's untimely death.

Following a impromptu memorial at the Skylark last night and another vigil which reportedly took place in Seattle, word out of the Fluid camp today is that a benefit is currently being organized for Richard and Roman, the beloved sons Kulwicki left behind.

Details are still be ironed out, obviously, but according to James Clower, who's helping Doug Kauffman and Scott Campbell organize what looks like will end up being a two-day event at Bluebird at the end of March, Mudhoney and Greg Dulli are possibilities, along with another very well known band to be announced and at least two dozen local outfits that have reached out.

Services for Kulwicki will most likely be held early next week. We'll keep you posted as more details become available. In the meantime, be sure to stop by the memorial page set up by Denver Punk Scene on Facebook and pay tribute to a Denver legend who will be sorely missed.

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After sharing 25 years in marriage to Ricky and lovingly loving him/supporting him while mothering our two boys "R~n~R" for the nine years I was given before being crucified..."Don't Rock the boat sweets...Rock heaven" I believe that's where you are. Peace, Love, Buzz and Allllllllllll that Grooooooovy stuff* Bearcakes. Cloud. (Aka Yer X)

Linda Kulwicki Crawford
Linda Kulwicki Crawford

Memorial services for our beloved Ricky will be held on Tuesday, February 22nd, at the Fairmount Cemetery, 430 South Quebec, Denver, CO, 80247. The service will begin at 10 a.m., with a viewing beginning one hour prior. Our family woud be truly honored to have all of those whose lives Rick has touched to join us at the service and at a gathering to be announced following the service.

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