Sasquatch 2011 lineup announced: Vanilla bands covered in vanilla sauce

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Sasquatch became the second major summer festival to announce its lineup last night. The George, Washington (kills us every time) indie-fest is always heavy on the hipster bait, but this year is egregious. The top of the bill looks like this: Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Wilco, Flaming Lips, the Decemberists, Bright Eyes and Iron & Wine, which is like a Pitchfork greatest hits from 2000-2005, plus the Foo Fighters. The perfunctory hip-hop spot, last year filled by Public Enemy, goes to Das Racist this year. Sigh. The full lineup announcement below.

There are definitely some winners in there: Aloe Blacc, Archers of Loaf, Local Natives and, yes, the Flaming Lips and Wilco jump to mind. Actually, we like lots of the bands here, including Das Racist. It's just that, as a whole, this reads a lot like a summer camp for behind-the-times music bloggers.

It's also amazingly homogeneous; we suppose Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings qualify as the boundary-pusher. Again, that's part of the identity of this thing, but the cloistered world of indie has crumbled, and it's foolish to imagine that anyone is still being challenged and excited by white dudes with thesauruses.

This is also the festival's tenth anniversary, and they've added a fourth day. So you can be lulled to sleep by Washed Out on Monday instead of Sunday. Peruse the rest of the initial announcement and decide for yourself whether it's worth the $285 four-day pass.


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Scener- C'mon, you read and post on this blog enough to know that Kiernan is just a musical misanthropist who doesn't like anything. Thus, he has to go find a festival in Washington to bash because he has criticized just about everything else here in Denver. You will have a hard time finding anything that he's written for Westword that is positive (that doesn't have to do with the band Houses).


Talk about the shit-fest that is Mile-High Music Fest before bashing on Sasquatch. Further, why the eff is this in the Westword? Write about Denver, period.

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