Swans at Summit Music Hall, 2/22/11

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Tom Murphy

With Wooden Wand
02.22.11 | Summit Music Hall

Last night, James Jackson Toth, aka Wooden Wand, was joined by two other guitar players -- Brian Lowery and William Tyler. And although there were three guitars and the guys were playing through Orange amps, they did not produce a huge sound so much as they created subtly deep layers of interlocking dynamics that brought a high degree of expressiveness to what were otherwise traditional folk and country songs.

Toth was engagingly humorous, even though the subject matter of many of his songs is less than funny, and after performing the title track to his 2010 album, Death Seat, he told us a joke that was told to him by someone else who heard it from David Yow of Scratch Acid and Jesus Lizard fame. He also told us to tell it to Boyd Rice or David Eugene Edwards. The joke: "What's the last thing a woman wants to hear after she sleeps with Willie Nelson?" The punchline? "I'm not Willie Nelson." Afterward, he dedicated "Eagle Claw" to his friends in Akron//Family.

Tom Murphy
Wooden Wand

Halfway through the show, Toth told us he suggested to Michael Gira, as they were recording the Wooden Wand album last year, that they do a cover of "Close My Eyes Forever," with Gira being Ozzy and Toth being Lita Ford. Gira didn't go for that, evidently, so Toth and company wrote "Tiny Confessions" instead. Closing the set alone, Toth performed a song that he said will probably appear on his next album, which he's recording in April: "The DNR Waltz," with clever lyrical phrases centered around the term and notion of "DNR" -- "Do Not Resuscitate."

Long before Swans took the stage, Thor Harris set a tone that seemed like a mistake in the backdrop of the music played over the PA, including an odd cover of "She Sells Sanctuary" with female vocals, and Gira made an appearance and set another drone running with the pedal steel. After what seemed like countless minutes, Phil Puleo, formerly of experimental/post-punk band Cop Shoot Cop, came out and made the sounds of a clockwork device unraveling using a dulcimer, adding to the layers of ambient sound.

He was followed by Thor Harris, who played chimes so that it sounded almost like a cathedral without a pipe organ that had become haunted. When Kristof Hahn came out to manipulate the pedal steel into making oscillating atmospherics, the sonic picture was nearly complete. And when Chris Pravdica, Norman Westberg and Michael Gira joined the rest of Swans on stage, the whole ensemble launched into a sprawling and colossal version of "No Words/No Thoughts."

Tom Murphy

Was it cacophony? Perhaps, but with a purpose. And the clash and interplay of sounds produced something more than merely just music. It set the stage for the rest of this remarkable performance. With just six songs clocking in at around two hours, the set did not feel like it was made up of tracks that were roughly twenty minutes long. Probably because this was not merely music. It was an experience that was not hypnotic so much as gripping and transporting, in a way that can only happen when you encounter something that gets under your skin and forces you to change your view of reality for several moments at a time.

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Bit of a correction - They played 8 songs. From my vantage point in front of Westberg I could clearly see the printed setlist - "No Words No Thoughts", "Jim", "Sex God Sex", "New Song" (was able to read Gira's handwritten lyric sheet which seemed to indicate the song was called "Apostate"), "I Crawled", "Avatar", "Eden Prison", and "Little Mouth".

I was able to grab video of "Apostate", and you can see it here -http://www.megavideo.com/?v=JT... . Sound Quality's not very good given the volume of sound (the music created wind gusts at times).

I got better footage of the band's intro to "No Words / No Thoughts" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Setlist (they played all songs) - http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net...

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