Placing odds on Danger Mouse's next collaboration

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Danger Mouse just announced he will be collaborating with Jack White, which makes White the billionth musician Danger Mouse has worked with after Beck, the Gorillaz, MF Doom, Cee-Lo, James Mercer, U2, the Rapture, Sparklehorse, Black Keys and, oh, just about everybody else. He's the hottest commodity in collaboration right now, which is why we figured it was time to start placing bets on who he'd be working with next. Click through to see who to wager on.

10. Jeff Magnum (Neutral Milk Hotel) - Odds: 200/1
We wouldn't really even bother predicting this one normally, but it seems like Jeff Magnum has been slowiy making his way out into the world again, which could mean that somewhere, in the back of his head, he's thinking about releasing an album again. If this happens, we can think of nobody better to help usher Magnum's big, quirky sound into the 21st century than Danger Mouse.

9. Thurston Moore/Sonic Youth - Odds: 50/1
Thurston Moore and Danger Mouse seem like a perfect fit, but both musicians are so damn busy, this one might fail only because they'd never have time to get together. If it happened, it would be astonishing.

8. Beans - Odds: 40/1
Putting Beans and Danger Mouse together would be like putting Aphex Twin and Squarepusher in the same room with a hundred computers and instruments. It's likely the universe would explode into a billion pieces if this happened. However, considering they've both worked with some very similar artists over the years, it seems somewhat plausible. Conversely, if you could just swap out each of their collaborations, it could be equally awesome. Maybe Holy Fuck or Kool Keith with Danger Mouse and then Cee-lo or Beck with Beans?

7. Panda Bear - Odds: 30/1
The Animal Collective hype-train is bound to die off soon, and unless people are still swooning over Panda Bear in a couple of years, Noah Lennox is going to need to kick start his career by doing something truly out of the box: making a listenable song. What better person to help than Danger Mouse?

6. Missy Elliot - Odds: 10/1
Missy Elliot has been quiet for a little while, but we think she might be getting a little bored of working with Timbaland all the time. It's not that we're against Timbaland or anything, we'd just like to see her step up here game with someone well known for creating truly unique production.

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