Tonight: Bobby Long at the Bluebird

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Bobby, Bobby! Sign our back, too!
Oh, Bobby Long, how hard we swoon for you. If it wasn't for the first Twilight soundtrack, we might have never discovered your gruff, Southern-by-way-of-London voice, perfect for carrying songs of heartbreak and seasonal love.

This accidental heartthrob self-released his first few albums before being picked up by Dave Matthews's ATO Records, for which Long put out an EP in 2010 and his full-length debut for the label, this month's Winter's Tale. It seems that even after all of the Twilight-related attention, Long maintains a bashful stage persona, subtly flashing his perfect smile from underneath a pile of perfectly tousled brown hair. Tonight's show at the Bluebird is sixteen-and-up, and tickets are $14-$16. Doors open at 7 p.m., and the show starts at 8.

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Bluebird Theater

3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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Bobby Long is one of my favorite artist. Not only is he a talented singer but also a fucktabulous songwriter!


Wow! Thanks for using my photo! In any case make sure you catch his show! Now with his new band his sound is amazing! Enjoy! And I will forever be the "Sexy Bitch" ...he said so on my shirt! *lol*


Wow that took some writing talent and thought. What about his music? Twit !

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