Tonight: Less Than Jake at Summit

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Less Than Jake hasn't released a new record since 2008's GNV FLA, but it doesn't matter -- the Florida dudes still tour relentlessly, and their fans still come to see them play. Why? Because, in an era of performers constantly questioning their own cool, LTJ prides itself on being uncool. They still sing songs about pizza and parties. They still have a horn section. They still are sort of ska, if ska still existed.

And like the grateful Dead of ska, Less Than Jake knows it isn't about records anyway--it's about the live show, which usually involves lots of sweaty dancing and confetti. LTJ comes through Denver tonight at Summit Music Hall with The Supervillians, Off With Their Heads and The Gamits. This show is all ages and tickets are $15-18. Doors open at 7 p.m, bands start at 8 p.m. -- Bree Davies

Click through for a full Q&A with drummer and lyricist Vinnie Fiorella.

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Summit Music Hall

1902 Blake St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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