Top five things Miley Cyrus has destroyed

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It's clear that Miley Cyrus has contributed to the moneymaking machine that is Hollywood since Hannah Montana debuted in 2006. But how does that affect you? If you feel dirty while watching a stripper slide down a pole or feel awkward when you give your dad a hug, you can blame Miley. She's messed us all up in oh-so-many strange ways.

Disney has been destroying families' dreams and morals for years, but now we have Miley in the mix. Although watching Miley or any screwed-up celebrity go down the Lohan path is fun, her antics are beginning to creep into our daily lives and affect our happiness. She must be stopped.

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The Vanity Fair photo that grossed America out.
5. Family Photos
In the 2008 Annie Leibovitz photo shoot for Vanity Fair, Miley took it all off, sported a sheet and...posed with her dad? The photo shoot wasn't that scandalous (she kind of looks like she is about to do the walk of shame), but it caused quite the uproar from conservative parenting groups claiming the photos were inappropriate and slutty. The half-naked photo wasn't the worst, though: The one that was most disturbing was the photo with Billy Ray. It seems a little abnormal that a teenage girl spends that much time that close to her dad's crotch.

A sad looking man in GQ. Read the full article
4. Family
Miley Cyrus has caused heartache and problems for millions of American girls all over America, but now she's also destroying her own family as well. Miley's been a busy girl breaking up her family unit as of late; she apparently introduced her mom, Tish Cyrus, to Bret Michaels, and their illicit affair allegedly is what propelled the marriage into a downward spiral. Miley's dad, Billy Ray, recently admitted that Hannah Montana destroyed the family. His grief and angst is so massive that now Billy believes Satan is attacking his family. "Satan" is clearly code for the loss of a Disney paycheck.

Hear that? It's the sound of salvia shop owners across Amercia putting their palms on their faces.
3. Smoking Salvia
Smoking is cool, and every single time one of these pop harlots takes a toke, it ruins the exquisite pastime for the rest of us. Salvia, although legal in California, is apparently illegal to Hannah/Miley fans. After outrage over video of her tripping out and toking on a water bong surfaced, Miley apologized and assured overly protective parents around the globe that she is still a good role model. Unfortunately, she caused teens around the world to find new hiding places for their "herbs."

There's no escape from Breakout.
2. Music
Eight albums and the only thing record-breaking about any of the songs is that they absolutely destroyed tweens' and teens' sense of what music really is. Her latest album, the fittingly titled Can't Be Tamed, received horrible reviews and debuted at number eight on Billboard. Out of all the heartbreaking, appalling songs on her albums, only one, "Party in the U.S.A.," sold a reasonable amount, and even that isn't that impressive, considering the machine that is Disney. The songs are wicked synthesized and so processed that "fans" don't even know what Miley/Hannah really sounds like. It's a rollercoaster of Disney propaganda, and most parents buying the albums are just along for the ride.

One of the greatest American pasttimes -- watching strippers -- has been ruined.
1. Stripping
2009 Teen Choice Awards, a pole and a Disney skank. YAY! It's not just disturbing to watch a teenager grinding a pole at a kid-focused show, but when that teen can't do it properly? It really ruins the art form for everyone. Miley grinding her undeveloped body into a faux stripper pole was not sexy. For most men that were forced by their kids to watch the awards show, it must have been like watching their little girl up there dropping it low for a dollar. Miley didn't just hurt Disney with that performance, she hurt strip clubs all over America. And nobody likes an angry stripper.

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I think this is kinda mean. It's not her fault that her mom had an affair with Brent. thats her moms fault not hers. It's not like she knew that if she introduced em 2 together that this would happen. And she smoked weed once. Big deal I'm 19 and I've known kids that have smoked weed and done things that are far more worse then what Miley has done. So what her music has changed. Artists like Lady Gaga, their music is far more worse and I don't see anyone attacking them. And she took a photo with her dad. There's nothing wrong with that. If she's helping her family out by bring in money than thats a good thing. And disney is the only wholesome thing I have seen around these days. In Hannah Montana the whole series. I only saw like litterly 3 kisses. Other shows on other networks cant be as nice as that.

Ellie rae
Ellie rae

This is pathetic Miley Cyrus has done everything every high school student has done.  Weed is illegal and you didn't see people at the Tech 9 concert getting harrassed or tech 9 for going along with it.  We grind like theres no tomorrow at proms and other events god forbid.  I take pictures with my dad and i would do it in a heart beat the way she did if it meant my parents had extra money to live off of were poor.  I love Miley Cyrus and she has done nothing as bad as the rest of us teenagers so she hasn't ruined sh*t shes a talented young girl my age and the only reason theres a big stink about this bs is because she has money and shes famouse.  and it is unbelievably F*c*e* up that you could go around and blame an 18 year old girl for her parents problems get it straight and recognize that Miley is just like the rest of us kids are usually doing far worst by the time they are in 7th grade get over it and give her a break


Stop talking about DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P


It sort of is. If Miley didn't introduce them they wouldn't of had an affair and the Cyrus family wouldn't be breaking apart. but i completly agree that this is a rude artical. i mean she is just growing up and saying that you are a strpper who ruined your parents relationship and is a bad role model who writes bad songs. I don't know how that would make them feel but it would make me feel pretty bad.

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