Umphrey's McGee at the Fillmore Auditorium, 2/11/11

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with The Kyle Hollingsworth Band featuring DJ Logic

The Fillmore Auditorium | 2.11.11

Following two sold out nights at Belly Up Aspen, Umphrey's McGee came through Denver to the Fillmore Auditorium for a half day of meet and greets, some live, fan-directed, improvisational jamming, which ultimately culminated into one hell of a concert. The Kyle Hollingsworth Band, accompanied by DJ Logic on the tables, opened up the show.

The (S2) Stew Art Series opened the doors to the Fillmore at 4:00 p.m. to 50 die-hards ready to direct their favorite band. Against the railing at stage right, stood a towering projector screen, probably 10'x10' or so, with directions on how to text in ideas and words for the band to improvise.

With no way of knowing where a song could go, attendees pulled out phones and texted in their ideas. Within the first 20, UM played versions of old songs in gospel form, a tribute to Colorado's sunrise and a little James-Brown-Meets-the-Beatles tune. An emcee fielded questions from the audience, some relatively inquisitive, some off the wall and random.

Photo Britt Chester
An intimate afternoon with the Umph.

"What is your first Zappa memory?" was one question. Guitarist Jake Cinninger, whose first Zappa experience was while still in the womb, answered much differently than keyboardist Joel Cummins -- whose first was not until college.

The second portion of Stew Art saw songs inspired by sex movie scenes, car chases and even a special, up-beat chop that someone had texted in titled "Daft Umph." Other tributes such as "Everybody Wang-Umph tonight" made for easy musical conversation. Some hand shakes and laughs followed the musical portion of (S2), then the doors closed back up until showtime.

Photo Britt Chester
Logical instrumentational use of the turn-tables.

DJ Logic casually walked out, literally, he just walked up to the tables like nothing was going on. His demeanor remained this way the entire time he was on stage scratching over the Kyle Hollingsworth Band's session.

Kyle Hollingsworth
Photo Britt Chester
...and the band

On stage are Hollingsworth's keys, a guitarist, bassist, drums and then Logic's tables. Not to say other DJs don't play tables like an instrument, but Logic has it down to an art. On "Let's Go Outside," his performance sounded like the keyboard you didn't know you wanted. Then again during "My Life is so Ordinary," the audience heard this fainting glimpse of dirty scratching, but it blended so perfectly into the build-ups, then dropped out when Hollingsworth took over. It was quite the combo, and it worked.

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Fillmore Auditorium

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