A freezing-weather playlist, from Denver and beyond

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Fun fact you probably didn't know already: It's really fucking cold outside. How cold? Well, eleven degrees below zero at last check. This is hunker down with hot chocolate and delivery Chinese food weather. Work can wait until you don't need an ice pick and a Sherpa to navigate your neighborhood. What you will need next is some music, and that, naturally, is where we come in.

We've sorted through some of our favorite recent local releases and come up with a few that sound perfect when everything's coated in frost.

Weather-based playlist creation is something we take very seriously. There are plenty of hard and fast rules involved. Shout-along choruses for summer, horns for spring, cellos for fall, etc. Winter calls for sustenance and simplicity. These are just a few of many metrics we hold dear. And, as with all things musical, there's a large degree of personal preference involved: What sounds right? Here's what sounds right to us (links lead to bandcamp/myspace, where you can listen and, in most cases, download):

Denver Songs to Keep You Warm

Tommy Metz -- "Steady On"
John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light - "Walter Whitman"
Houses - "Your Ghost"
The Lumineers - "Gun Song"
Roger, Roll - "Polaroid in Reverse"
Kal Cahoone - "Fellow Sparrow"
Ian Cooke - "Monkey and Bear"
Makeout Point - "Newsies"

And, as a bonus, a few perennial standbys from elsewhere in our iTunes library:

The Cure -- Disintegration
Feist - "Gatekeeper"
Bob Dylan -- Blood on the Tracks
Bon Iver - "Skinny Love"
Magnetic Fields - "Papa Was a Rodeo"
Van Morrison - "Cyprus Avenue"
Yo La Tengo - "Blue Line Swinger"

What's your deep-freeze playlist? Let us know below.

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Dismemberment Plan - "Ice of Boston"Dismemberment Plan - "Ice of Boston"Dismemberment Plan - "Ice of Boston"


Jackson C. Frank - "Milk and Honey"The Clientele - "From a Window"Section 25 - From the HipKanye - 808s and HeartbreakMogwai - Come On Die Young

Bree Davies
Bree Davies

I'm going with a mix of King Tubby, The Knife, Best Coast, Lesley Gore and Ssion.


Cocktail Revolution - Eye of the StormThe Love Royale - SundayGreg Harris Vibe Quintet f. Venus Cruz - Northside HunterBela Karoli - Some Things That Fly There BeZephyr - Winter Always Finds MeString Cheese Incident - Silence In Your HeadMatt Skellenger - Simple LifeKal Cahoone - Winter's Womb

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